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KBK light crane system

Demag KBK crane construction kit – Demag KBK single and double-girder suspension cranes KBK single-girder suspension cranes

Favourable dimensions, low deadweight:
Single-girder suspension cranes from the KBK classic construction kit enable you to achieve fast and reliable area-serving overhead handling and exact positioning of a wide variety of goods.

Cost-effective equipment:

KBK classic single-girder suspension cranes can be simply suspended from the building roof or superstructure. Additional supports for the crane runway are not necessary. Even partial areas of a workshop may be easily fitted with suspension cranes at low cost.

Safe and reliable handling:

KBK single-girder overhead travelling cranes can be easily moved by hand thanks to their low deadweight and smooth-running trolleys. They ensure that heavy and awkward workpieces can also be handled safely and reliably.

KBK double-girder overhead travelling cranes

Large lifting heights, spans and high load capacities:
Double-girder suspension cranes from the KBK classic construction kit feature a low deadweight and favourable structural dimensions. In addition, the pendulating suspension largely absorbs the horizontal forces caused by starting, braking and stopping. Double-girder suspension cranes can even be installed in buildings of light steel construction.

Large lifting heights:

Arrangement of the hoist unit between the two crane girders provides KBK classic double-girder cranes with a greater useful lifting height.

Large spans:

KBK classic double-girder cranes can also operate on several runways, thus providing large spans to cover

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