Project Description



“DGP” series offset geared motors are built specifically for handling lifting systems on rails, such as, for example, travelling cranes, gantry cranes and or related running trolleys. The Drive units for cranes are designed for travelling loads through horizontal handling operations when  installed on runway rails that allow the correct running alignment.

The wheel groups “DGT” in combination with “DGP” series offset geared motors, are highly reliable modular components capable of responding flexibly and efficiently to the needs for operating safety, cost efficiency and the rapid setup of drive units for cranes by manufacturers of machinery and industrial lifting and handling installations.

The drive units for cranes are configured in 6 sizes covering the following operating limitations:

  • Capacity of the lifting and or traversing equipment from 1000 to 40000 Kg.

  • Running speed: single speed from 3,2 to 25 m/min; two-speed from 12,5/3,2 to 80/20 m/min

The modularity of the basic components (wheels, reducers and motors) allows for the composition of drive units for cranes in two configurations: the drive group and the idler group.

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