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The Donati Jib cranes, manually or electrically rotated in column, or wall mounted models are designed to handle goods inside or outside a plant, ideal for assisting in the loading of machines or work benches. The hight quality level is guaranteed by a Quality System Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2000. The standard range includes handling loads up to 10000 kg. with arm lengths up to 10 mt. The Donati jib cranes are available in the following combinations :

GBA and GBP:
“C” channel overbraced version , “H” overbraced version ,“T” underbraced version.

CBE and  MBE:
As GBA and GBP (version “T” and “H”) but with a motorized  arm; designed for handling goods in areas which are difficult to reach and for heavy loads.

CBB and  MBB:
cranes with articulated arm; designed for the handling of goods inside a plant or a building where the presence of fixed obstacles would impede the free rotation in terms of the mobility of the arm when it is formed by one rigid element.

column jib cranes with electrically rotated arm – 360°, suitable to handle loads whose mass (high or bulky) does not allow manual handling.

column jib cranes with (electric or manual) rotation  at 360°,designed for the handling  of goods inside the plant.

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