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Load handing attachments – Demag circular magnets

R15 – 30 circular magnets:

As single units, circular magnets feature high load capacities with compact dimensions. The magnet casing consists of steel of high permeability. The coil in the magnet casing is wound with copper varnished wire and fully encapsulated. Load capacities of up to 1400 kg are possible with a safety factor of 2. These magnets are suitable for holding and transporting small sheet metal parts and iron or tool parts as well as for handling pig and cast iron and other scrap, small parts, nuts and bolts.

As single magnets they feature an integrated rectifier, switch and suspension eye. They can be connected to the electrical power supply with an accessory set which includes a cable drum. The switch can also be fitted in the hoist unit control pendant.

RT15 – 30 circular magnets:

Ferrous sheets and plates of large dimensions can create handling problems due to sag which can occur with single-point lifting. Multi-magnet spreader units fitted with RT26 circular magnets can avoid these problems as sag is practically eliminated by correct distribution of the magnets over the surface area of the sheet or plate. This enables the largest size of plate to be handled. A wide variety of application solutions can be implemented with the corresponding separate electrical equipment. Sheets can be removed individually from a stack or flame-cutting benches cleared in one operation. It is also possible to pick up individual flame-cut pieces by selecting groups of magnets.

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