Project Description


Versatile and for high performance.

The DRS wheel block system was designed for a wide variety of applications. We offer a wide range of models that meet your needs. Demag components are proven products and feature high-quality material, efficiency, flexible applications and sophisticated extension possibilities


Versatile wheel block system with optimum performance ratios for a maximum load capacity from 2,75 t to 40 t with compact dimensions. Finely graded sizes (DRS 112 to DRS 500) accommodate your need for a design to meet your application requirements. Offset and angular geared motors from the Demag modular system are available for models with individual or central drive units.


  • Simple connection to the support structures
  • Spheroidal-graphite cast iron travel wheel diameter: High performance range, maximum load capacity
  • Starting and braking characteristics to protect the track
  • Laser alignment system for wheel blocks on multiple travel units
  • Special stiffeners for high rigidity
  • High-quality housing with optimum protection of the travel wheels and ball bearings
  • Technical innovation for detail superiority
  • High ground clearance


  • Geared motors and drives: Geared motors
  • Geared motors and drives: Motors / brake motors
  • Geared motors and drives: Microspeed units
  • Frequency inverters: Dedrive Compact
  • Frequency inverters: Dedrive Pro
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