Project Description


Manual handling and combining or moving relatively light loads is often not only time-consuming, but also an ergonomic burden for employees. Together with a wide selection of hoist units, slewing jibs and cranes installed direct at the workplace enable all types of workpieces to Switch to improved productivity and ergonomics be lifted and transported quickly and easily and deposited gently and precisely. In this way, setting up and idle times are considerably reduced and periods of waiting for workshop cranes to become available can be completely eliminated, for example.

Precise and smooth positioning

Working with sensitive products, tools and machinery often requires very careful handling of the parts. Smooth lifting and lowering motions as well as precise positioning with Demag pillar-mounted slewing jibs and pillar and wall-mounted slewing cranes enable sensitive and valuable loads to be handled gently and rejects caused by impacts, sudden jolts and hard landings to be avoided. This results in smooth and efficient operating sequences and greater productivity at individual workplaces. At the same time, the use of Demag slewing jibs and cranes relieves workers of the physical burden and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries when heavy or awkward parts are handled.

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