Project Description

Open Winch Hoists

For heavy-duty and general engineering applications.

Our MPW multi-purpose winch units are built of large series sub-assemblies using modular system components manufactured to the most demanding quality requirements. The variable combination of these components makes it possible to implement the most efficient technical configuration for your application.

MPW open winch range for hook operation:

  • Load capacity 5 – 170 t
  • Classification M3 – M8 FEM
  • Hoist output 20 – 140 kW
  • 4/2; 8/2; 12/2 rope reeving arrangements
  • Extended performance range on request.


  • Motor, brake and gearbox- robust, compact arrangement, simple interchangeability, optimum performance.
  • Clear interfaces for ease of assembly, inspection and maintenance.

MPW crab:

MPW multi-purpose winch crabs are used in crane installations in a wide variety of industries. Flexibility and possible combinations of individual sub-assemblies of various types cover a variable range to avoid interfaces.


  • Crab frame of welded steel construction
  • Optimum weight and torsionally rigid
  • Travel wheels largely wear-free
  • Robust, proven corner-bearing design
  • Accessible crab frame with foot rails and railing
  • Fully equipped, assembled, delivered just-in-time – the modular design enables crabs to be shipped in a container.
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