Project Description


Wherever you use radio control systems to control cranes, hoists, machinery and installations, you benefit from much greater flexibility than with wire-connected controls.

DST multi-button pendant switch
Demag Remote Controls
DRC-DC Radio Control Systems


  • Impact and temperature-resistant housing design
  • Integrated impact protection (DRC-10)
  • Reliable radio transmission system based on cellphone radio standards
  • Transmission highly resistant to interference thanks to freqency hopping
  • Bi-directional signal transmission
  • Graphic display showing battery capacity and installation status or warning messages
  • Stop function according to safety category 3/EN 954
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact DRC-10 infinitely-variable pushbutton transmitter or infinitely-variable joystick elements, convenient operation, for precise and gentle travel
  • Simple and fast commissioning by means of wireless transmitter logon
  • Rechargeable battery-powered transmitter with high level of availability thanks to 2-hour fast charging (the pushbutton transmitter can be operated with conventional Mignon AA batteries for emergency purposes)
  • Improved safety thanks to greater distance to the load
  • Postal authority approval for operation without any need for registration or operating fees available in many countries
  • DRC-10 pushbutton transmitter and DRC-J joystick transmitter
  • The new DRC-MP radio remote control system gives you the choice between the DRC-10 key-actuated transmitter and the DRC-J joystick transmitter.

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